Combat Survival Training (CST) - Ft. Riley, Kansas
3 December 2007 - 12 February 2008


Deployment - Kabul, Afghanistan
21 February 2008 - 19 February 2009


Last updated: 14 April 2009

Heading to Afghanistan    Afghanistan

Kansas flag
Kansas map
Major Childs taking a picture of me - taking a picture of her.
Inside a HUMVEE.
Preparing for our final convoy - YIPEEE!!!
Major Chris Joseph (MSC) inside the turrett.
Major Childs, locked and loaded, as Major Bell-Garvin (MSC) watches.
A stop along the way.
Snow Day!!! We woke up to 12 inches of snow.
Dan Bosshart (Missilier)
Our token Academy Graduate - Capt Kevin Fitzgerald (CE)
Maj Perry Stansbury (MSC)
Capt Bryant (BSC-PA)
Capt Grant (COMM)
Capt Summers (COMM)
Major Udoaka (Logistics)
SrA Mark "McLovin" Williams
Capt Mitchell (COMM)
Capt Boswell (Intel)
Our planning session held in the green tents.
Major Sean "Bull" Murphy
Major Rod Hullinger snacking.
LtCol Devin "Father" Donnelly (MC)
Capt John "Dude, I used your soap" Funk (MC, FS)
Major Childs, letting her hair down.
Major Chris Joseph (MSC)
Major Joseph and me styling in our IBA.
Capt Good, waiting for our final "leader meet."
More waiting.
Braving the cold.
More pics of Team 3.
Doc Donnelly, preparing to snap the Team photo.
Major Farrell, trying to stay warm.
Our Team photo.
Inside the open squadbay.
10 weeks of sleeping on the bottom bunk - glad it's over!!
TSgt Jimmy Davenport
Our open squadbay again.
Not so neat bunks!!
Major Hullinger, guarding his territory!
SSG Hammond - one of our OCs.
SGT Hunsperger - another OC
Spc Sims - our armory guru.
SFC Ramon - an OC.
SFC Ruiz - the big cheese OC.
1STSGT Walder - Charlie Battery, 1/5 FA
SFC Altamirano - another OC.
CPT McGee - Charlie Battery Commander.
Team 2 - had a mascot. However, they failed to properly take care of it and this is the result!
A better perspective an Team 2's mascot. Our Army brothers like to play.
MSgt Boggs.
Major Joseph
CPT Jason Dean - he's a Ranger!!
MAJ Neary
SFC Dupre
SFC Flynn
SFC Mike Dufficy
SFC Marrero
MAJ Tammaro
SSG Gaudet
MAJ Rachelle
1LT Dan Espinal - planning their final convoy mission.
Major Ruben Garza (MSC)
Short Range Marksmanship course.
TSgt Jimmy "Bear" Davenport, M2 Gunner extraordinaire (Lab Tech)
C Battery, 1/5, Group 1, Class 37 - our convoy of HUMVEEs at the SRM range.
SRM course - close live fire of the M4 and the M9.
Major Pamela Bell-Garvin, (MSC)
Major Mary-Jo Burliegh, CRNA
LtCol Bruce Woodford, MC, FS
Major Joe Lyons (MSC)
Major Ron Greenaway, (MSC)
TSgt Jimmy Davenport (4T)
Major Franklin Espinal, (MSC)
TSgt Brian Leclair (X-ray Tech)
MSgt David Boggs (Nuc Med Tech)
Major Norma Farrell, (USAFR-MSC)
Captain Katherine Good (ANG-MSC)
Captain Mark Henderson (Missilier)
Major Ruben Garza (MSC)
Captain Michael Cuomo, (PHO)
1LT Dan Espinal (USA-Reserve, RI)
The MK19 range (Automatic Grenade Launcher)
Major Rod Hullinger (MSC)
Captain Antonini, our Range Safety Officer (RSO) for most of our ranges. (USA)
Major Dawn Childs (PHO) catching up on some music while waiting to shoot the MK19.
Major Pam Bell-Garvin
Major's Bell-Garvin and Childs, in the back of the HUMVEE - [wo]manning the M240 machine gun.
SFC Mike Dufficy, (USA-Reserve, RI) in the back of his HUMVEE.
One of our convoy "recon" missions.
Major Childs, Truck Commander of Vehcile 2.
SSG Trimmer (USA), Urban Combat tactics and techniques (note the urban village in the background)
Practicing room clearing.
More practicing.
Helping a "fallen" buddy.
Captain Barreda (USA), D Co Commander, 1/5.
Urban Cluster 8.
"Chai" (tea).
LtCol Donnelly (MC) enjoying his delicious MRE, as we qualify on the crew-served-weapons (CSW) range. We shot the M2 (50 cal) and the M240 (7.62).
LtCol Donnelly (MC) storing his food in his cheeks as he prepared to fire at the CSW range.
Waiting their turn. L-R - SrA Williams (COMM), TSgt Leclair (4R), LtCol Woodford (MC) and Maj Stansbury (MSC).
Maj Chris "The Killer" Joseph (MSC) our primary M2 Gunner.
Maj "Bull" Murphy (MSC), never without his coffee thermos.
An up-armored HUMVEE with the M2 mounted in the turret, prepared to shoot down-range.
Two HUMVEEs at the range - note the boxes of ammunition at the left.
Maj Ruben "The Rubenator" Garza (MSC) waiting to fire the CSWs - resting his eyes.
"The Rubenator" resting a bit more than his eyes. Or maybe his head is just too heavy for his body!
Major Dawn "The Librarian" Childs (PHO) our cheerleader. She's always peppy and never complains.
The USAF - waiting around to fire the "big guns."
"The Librarian" waiting in the turret of the HUMVEE, getting ready to shred some targets!!!
Loading spent rounds of ammunition.
Just a few of the boxes of ammunition we shot. We expended over 20,000 rounds.
Capt "Why Me" Bryant (BSC-PA) preparing to grab some more ammunition.
The new MSC Major Mafia... Major's "8 deployments" Farrell (USAFR), "Bull" Murphy (AFMLO), and "Rugged Rod" Hullinger (Elmendorf).
Maj Childs (PHO) carrying her ammunition "Rambo" style.
LtCol "Father" Donnelly (MC) waiting to fire the M2.
MSgt "Badass" Boggs (4R) and acting 1stSgt for the Air Force contingent here at Ft. Riley, looking tough.
"Barstow Boyeeee!" - Capt Mark "Lanyard" Henderson. a.k.a. - Captain Condiment.
Major "Rugged" Rod Hullinger.
Belts of ammunition.
Captain Michael "Cujo" Cuomo.
MSgt David "Badass" Boggs.
The Range - it was a very long day - 5am until 3am (22 hours - the longest day so far). A minor sacrafice compared to our bretheren in the AORs.
Freezing their....... faces off! The temperature dropped into the teens as we waited for the night firing portion of training.
Maj Hullinger (MSC) talks with LtCol Donnelly (MC) as we prepare for Blue Force Tracker (BFT) training.
Blue Force Tracker (BFT) class room training, after 2 hours sleep from the range the night before.
Travis, our BFT instructor (USMCR).
Blue Force Tracker (BFT).
Maj Joseph (MSC) studying for the BFT practical examination.
Maj Joseph (MSC) listens intently as the instructor (Roy USA retired) patiently taught BFT and its many capabilities.
Mr. "Mo" our Dari language instructor.
Dari with "Mo."
Combat Life Safer (CLS) litter carry training.
Maj "Bull" Murphy (MSC) as the "patient" in the venipuncture training.
TSgt's Davenport (Lab Tech-L) and Leclair (X-Ray Tech-R), providing patient care to Maj Murphy (MSC).
Capt Grant (COMM) getting stuck.
Maj Childs (PHO) assisting Army MAJ's Thornton and Tammaro (sitting).
SFC Marrero looking at the tubing getting ready to stick CPT Dean.
CPT Dean smiling as SFC Marreo sticks him with an 18 gauge needle. He didn't even cry....Army Strong!!
Capt Mitchell (LRO), Capt Boswell (Intel) and Capt Summers (COMM) pretending to study for the CLS exam.
A meeting of the Majors. L-R - Maj Childs (PHO), MAJ Tammaro (sitting), MAJ Thornton, and Maj Burliegh (CNRA-NC) - Army Strong - Air Force Smart!!
Maj Hullinger (MSC) getting ready to stick Capt Cuomo (PHO)
Capt Cuomo (PHO) pulls away from Maj Hullinger (MSC) as he prepares to stick a needle in his arm. Resistance is futile!!!
Double ouch!!
Now see what he did! He made me bleed!!!
Maj's Childs (PHO) and Bell-Garvin (MSC) being instructed by SFC Johnson.
LtCol Donnelly (MC) and Maj Garza (MSC) change a tire on a HUMVEE.
The HEAT Trainer.
The HEAT Trainer at 22 degrees left.
The HEAT Trainer at 22 degrees right.
The HEAT Trainer at 180 degrees - Maj Hullinger (MSC) egresses and goes to assist his back-seat passenger.
Maj Murphy (MSC) readjusts his brain as he emerges from the HEAT Trainer - assisted by Maj Hullinger (MSC)
Maj Hullinger (MSC).
Maj Hullinger (MSC) eating his helmet strap.
Preparing to convoy in the M1151 - HMMWV (HUMVEE)
Maj Hullinger (MSC) looking cool behind the wheel.
Capt Good (MSC) waiting to convoy out for the night driving portion of training. Yes. We drove with the Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).
Left- Maj Garza (MSC) and Capt Cuomo (PHO) also waiting for the night driving training.
Nasal airway training - Combat Life Saver (CLS) training - three days of intense battlefield first aid (similar to SABC only on steroids!)
LtCol Woodford (MC) left, instructs needle decompression for CLS.
Maj Garza (MSC) not wanting to get too close to the action, oversees Maj's Bell-Garvin (MSC), Childs (PHO) and Burliegh (CNRA-NC).
The M-4 range.
Maj Hullinger (MSC) with NVGs and his M-4 ready for some night firing at the range.
Capt Cuomo (PHO) and LtCol Donnelly (MC) after egressing from HEAT training
Capt Cuomo (PHO) helping a team member egress from HEAT trainer
Capt Cuomo (PHO) immediately after egressing from HEAT trainer (my head hurts!!)
Capt Cuomo (PHO) steering while training in HUMVEE towing
Capt Cuomo (PHO) and Capt Mark Henderson (13S2) preparing to be turned up-side-down in a HEAT trainer
Capt Cuomo (PHO) preparing to be towed in his "broke down" HUMVEE
LtCol Donnelly (MC) in turret of HUMVEE
Capt Cuomo (PHO) assisting Maj Hullinger (MSC) egress from HEAT trainer
Major's Hullinger and Murphy (MSC's) - BFF's
Sitting in class in preparation for HUMVEE training
HUMVEE - AKA - High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV - M1151)
Team 3. The USAF is broken up into three teams here at Ft. Riley - Team 2, Team 3, and Team 8.
Army SSG Piper - cusses worse than a sailor!
Team 8 - attempting to change the tire on a HUMVEE.
Capt Bryant (BSC-PA) jacking up a HUMVEE, stops to smile for the camera.
Maj Stansbury (MSC) and Capt Boswell (Intel) changing a tire
Army Infantry Grunts resting after HEAT training (our new BFF's)
Team 8 learning how to apply a tow bar to pull a HUMVEE.
Team 3 learning to put a "pot-belly" stove together
Maj Childs (PHO) eating... again.
"Pot-belly" stove assembly
More assembly of the "Pot-belly" stove
Maj Garza (MSC) avoiding lifting the JP8 fuel jug for the "Pot-belly" stove
Army SGT Jones, teaching Team 8 how to use a Tow-Strap
Army SGT Brown, teaching Team 3 how to PCMS a HUMVEE
Capt Cuomo (PHO) and Capt Good (MSC) raising the spare tire on a HUMVEE
Manual labor stinks!!
Maj Hullinger (MSC), Capt Good (MSC), Capt Stephenson (BSC-PA), and Capt Cuomo (PHO) after setting a new CST record in changing a HUMVEE tire!!!
Major's Childs (PHO) and Bell-Garvin (MSC) trying to figure out what they're looking at.
Maj Childs (PHO) and Capt Good (MSC) holding the tow-bar
Army SGT Jones - teaching how to apply the Tow-Strap to the rescue vehicle
Capt Cuomo (PHO) taking a picture from the HUMVEE, while being towed (I should have been steering)
Maj Farrell (Reservist - MSC) - my Troop Commander (TC) for the tow training.
Capt Good (ANG - MSC) in the turret of the ready-to-be-towed HUMVEE
Capt Good (ANG - MSC) preparing to throw the tow-strap
Capt Stephenson (BSC-PA) struggling to get his tow-strap off his rescue vehicle.
Capt Stephenson (BSC-PA) preparing to catch the tow-strap from Capt Good (ANG-MSC)
Capt Stephenson (BSC-PA) missing the tow-strap thrown by Capt Good (ANG-MSC).
Capt Stephenson (BSC-PA) finally catching the tow-strap thrown by Capt Good (ANG-MSC)
Mission complete - Capt Good's vehicle being "rescued."
The HEAT Trainer at a 22 degree angle - the angle at which the vehicle will roll-over
The HEAT trainer rolled-over - 4 occupants inside must "right" themselves and get out (in 15 seconds or less)
Our Army brethern setting up a perimeter after egressing from a "rolled-over" HUMVEE
Our Army Bretheren (Light Infantry - Rhode Island Army Reserves) - "rescuing" an "injured" commrade from a "rolled-over" HUMVEE.
Up-side-down HEAT Trainer.
Maj Bell-Garvin (MSC) egressing from "rolled-over" HUMVEE
Two people still in HUMVEE after a "roll-over"
More HUMVEE roll-over egress practice.
Maj Joseph (MSC) lurking in the shadows of the back seat of a HUMVEE
Army 1LT Dan Espinal - Infantry grunt (Rhode Island Army Reserves)
Major Ruben Garza (MSC) - beware of the eyes.....
Team 3 (L-R) Capt Stephenson (BSC-PA), LtCol Hedglin (MSC), Capt Cuomo (PHO), Major Garza (MSC), Major Murphy (MSC), Capt Henderson (Missileer)
Maj Rod Hullinger (MSC) - doing what he always does in his spare
Maj Sean "Bull" Murphy (MSC) - the happy Irishman.
Our living quaters (open squadbay) shared with the Rhode Island Army Reserves (The Quahogs) - Light Infantry.
LtCol Donnelly (MC), Maj's Farrell and Garza (MSC's) practicing using an interpreter to meet two "Iraqi Officers." Our first of several "meetings."
LtCol Donnelly (MC), Maj's Farrell and Garza (MSC's) practicing using an interpreter to meet two "Iraqi Officers"
The view from inside our HUMVEE convoying to the driving course
Army SFC Chandler - out "tour guide" for the day.
Maj Hullinger (MSC) inside the HUMVEE
Capt Cuomo (PHO) inside the HUMVEE
Convoying to the driving course
A view from the rear seat
The HUMVEE we learned how to PMCS (preventive maintenance)
The Army preparing to go to class
Capt Henderson (Missileer) getting ready for the day
Combat Life Saver (CLS) course - an Army version of our SABC, but on steroids
Army CPT Glywasky (Psychologist) teaching us about Combat Stress and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
An Army "volunteer" preparing to have a nasal airway shoved up his nose
An Army "volunteer" getting a nasal airway shoved up his nose
An Army "volunteer" recovering after having a nasal airway shoved up his nose then removed
Maj Lyons (MSC) practicing applying a pressure dressing
LtCol Donnelly (MC) applying a Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) to his arm, while Capt Good (MSC) and Maj Garza (MSC) look on in amazement
Maj Joseph (MSC) applying the CAT as Maj Garza (MSC) watches and Maj Hullinger (MSC) turns away in horror
Maj Farrell (USAFR-MSC) anxiously waiting to get her hands on the CAT
In the corner, by herself, Maj Childs (PHO) applies the CAT to her arm.
Maj Garza (MSC) finally participating in the hands-on portion of our training
Maj Childs (PHO) stares at the practice dummy, wondering how she can save it
Our Army bretheren learning "medical stuff" - as Maj Murphy (MSC) looks on
Army 1LT Espinal looks up from studying his CLS lessons
LtCol Woodford (MC) manning a Tension Pneumothorax/Needle Decompression station at CLS training
Team 8 trying to look cool.
Maj's Arricale and Greenaway (MSC's) taking a break in CLS training
Maj Burliegh (CRNA-NC) teaching the nasal airway station at CLS training
Capt Fitzgerald practicing inserting the nasal airway into the head of a dummy, as Maj Garza (MSC) maintains a safe distance
Army SFC Flynn and crew at CLS training
Maj Garza (MSC) and Maj Bell-Garvin (MSC) stand in awe of Maj Burliegh, as she teaches nasal airway insertion during CLS
Team 2 (L-R - TSgt Leclair-4R071B, SSgt Hunter-3A, & TSgt Davenport-4T071) being infiltrated by a Team 8 member (Capt Summers (COMM)).