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Arthropod Taxonomy
Overview of Militarily and Medically Significant Arthropods

Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Arthropoda
        Class Chilopoda
        Class Diplopoda
        Class Insecta
            Order Blattaria

            Order Phthiraptera
            Order Hemiptera
                Family Reduviidae
(Kissing bugs, Assassin bugs
                Family Cimicidae
(Bed bugs
            Order Coleoptera
            Order Siphonaptera
            Order Diptera
                Family Culicidae
                    Subfamily Anophelinae
(Anopheles sp., Bironella sp., Chagasia sp.)
                         Subfamily Culicinae
(Aedes sp., Culex sp., Culiseta sp., Coquillettidia sp., Deinocerites sp., Psorophra sp., Mansonia sp., Ochlerotatus sp., Orthpodomyia sp., Wyeomyia sp., Uranotaenia sp.)
                    Subfamily Toxorhynchitinae
(Toxorhynchites sp.)
                Family Simuliidae
(Black flies)
                Family Tabanidae
                    Subfamily Chrysopsinae
(Deer flies, Chrysops sp.
                   Subfamily Tabaninae
(Horse flies, Tabanus sp.)  
                Family Muscidae
(Filth flies
                Family Glossinidae
(Tsetse flies) 
                Family Calliphoridae
(Blow flies

                Family Sarcophagidae
(Flesh flies
                Family Ceratopogonidae
(Biting Midges
                Family Psychodidae
(Sand flies
            Order Lepidoptera
(Moths and Butterflies
            Order Hymenoptera
(Ants, Wasps, and Bees)
        Class Arachnida
            Order Araneae
            Order Scorpionida
        Subclass Acari
(Mites and Ticks)
            Order Ixodida
                Family Argasidae
(Soft ticks
                Family Ixodidae
(Hard ticks
            Order Prostigmata
                Family Trombiculidae
                Family Democidae
(Hair follicle mite
            Order Astigmata
                Family Sarcoptidae
(Scabies mites
                Family Pyroglyphidae
(Dust mites)
            Order Mesostigmata
 (Other Mites

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