Venomous Spiders of the United States


The United States has five groups of spiders that can cause serious injury. The Black Widow and Yellow Sac spider are found throughout the country, although the Yellow Sacís range has yet to be mapped precisely.
The Hobo Spider has expanded its range in the Pacific Northwest, while the Brown Recluse is found in the South and lower Midwest. Other Recluses are found in the Southwest.


Tangle-Web Spiders (Family: Theridiidae = 87 genera, 2000+ species) worldwide

Sac Spiders (Family: Clubionidae = 15 genera, 538 species) worldwide

Araneomorph Funnel-Web Spiders (Family: Agelenidae = 39 genera, 503 species) worldwide

Recluse Spiders (Family: Sicariidae = 2 genera, 122 species) worldwide

This map shows the range of 9 of the 11 brown (Recluse) spiders native to the U.S.

Loxosceles apachea - Red
Loxosceles arizonica - Olive green
Loxosceles blanda - Light Blue
Loxosceles deserta - Orange
Loxosceles devia Ė Purple
Loxosceles kaiba - Grey
Loxosceles reclusa - Brown
Loxosceles russelli - Blue
Loxosceles sabina - Light Green